Gutenberg Editor Test

Testing out the new gutenberg editor on WordPress it seems to be working well! It's cool that you can re-arrange content blocks. The above video is something that My Wife and I put together with the Kids.

WordPress alert when you are on the staging site.

Recently I accidentaly overwrote my Production site when I thought i was on the staging site so after a bit of googling i came up with this solution. If you are on WordPress you can just paste this at the end of your functions.php for your theme. This could also probably be turned into a […]

How to install LinSSID on Ubuntu 12.04

I needed to do a network survey the other day to see if wifi was working as expected and I decided to use my Ubuntu laptop for the purpose, I ran into this handy tool called LinSSID that allows you to do a wireless survey. The reason I am using Ubuntu 12.04 is that I […]